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Iwata Professional Airbrush Tools

Iwata Professional Airbrush Tools

Euro 115.50

Artikelcode: Iwata CL500

Iwata Professional Airbrush Tools

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Airbrush professionals will appreciate the convenience of having these Iwata-specific tools that come in a deluxe soft-sided zipper case that is ideal for artists on-the-go. Assembling and reassembling airbrush nozzles, caps, needle packings, O-rings, and air valves are made easier with these highly-specific Iwata tools. Renowned Watercolor Artist and Iwata Technical Guru, Kirk Lybecker says, “The Iwata Professional Maintenance Tools are a natural addition to your studio. They make routine cleaning and maintenance tasks easier so that you can keep your airbrushes performance-ready.”

The kit comes with a two-sided Iwata Air Valve Wrench, Iwata Soft Jaw Pliers, and Iwata Needle Packing Screwdrivers in 1.2mm and 1.4mm diameters, Iwata Nozzle Wrench, and a protective replacement needle tube. All of the items fit securely in the elastic straps within the protective case. The inner zipper compartment is ideal for carrying small replacement parts and the pouch has extra room to carry up to three gravity-feed or siphon-feed airbrushes.